Amanda Brown Talks Post-Voice Career Plan, Ne-Yo, and Backstage Farts — Exclusive
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The Voice

Amanda Brown Talks Post-Voice Career Plan, Ne-Yo, and Backstage Farts — Exclusive

We were all shocked last night when Team Adam’s Amanda Brown was eliminated during The Voice Season 3 live results show. The New York native with gospel roots and a rockin’ voice has dazzled us from day one.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the artist on the red carpet following last night’s show, she had plenty to dish about her experience on the show, her post-Voice career aspirations, and what really goes on backstage.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Your Whitesnake performance was fun. Do you feel like you went out with a bang, showing a different side?

Amanda Brown: I think so! I don’t know if it was a different side — I love to rock out on stage.

You gave Terry McDermott a run for his money there!

Oh! It’s not even about that. I feel like everyone has something to contribute.

How are you feeling now? Did you have a feeling this was coming tonight, or did it catch you by surprise?

I had a little bit of a feeling. I was kind of watching iTunes and was like, “Umm …” So I had a bit of a feeling, but it is what it is.

Do you feel like you got everything out of this experience that you possibly could have?

I think so. I’d much rather work on and perform my original music. I feel like I had an amazing opportunity on this show to kind of introduce myself to the world, and now that I have, I want to go on and make the music that I’ve been dying to make.

And aside from your bestie, Cody Belew, who do you think you’ll keep in touch with the most?

I’ll probably keep in touch with a lot of people. I’ll definitely keep in touch with Melanie [Martinez], Nicholas [David], and Trevin [Hunte]. I’ve made friends with so many people on the show — not just the Top 6, but people that have left before — so I think we’ll all keep in touch and keep rooting for each other.

What did Adam say when you got off stage?

He said that he was really proud of Melanie and me, that he knows that this is not going to be the end of the line for us, and that we’re going to go on to hopefully do great things. I feel encouraged.

Amanda Brown Talks Post-Voice Career Plan, Ne-Yo, and Backstage Farts — Exclusive
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

What was your favorite memory from being on the show?

Definitely having the opportunity to work with Adam and Cee Lo was just tremendous, and being able to perform with Ne-Yo was pretty cool.

Yeah, that was great, and you were the only contestant to perform with an artist like that by yourself.


Were you pretty shocked when you found that out?

I was shocked. The producers called me and they were like, “So. Ne-Yo’s performing and they want to know if you’d be cool to perform with him,” and I was just like, “Hell Yeah!” That amongst so many awesome moments throughout that entire experience will definitely stick out.

Did you practice all the moves? Getting all close and putting your leg up on him?

Actually, we didn’t practice that. That was an in-the-moment kind of thing.

Is it scary walking down the stairs in those big heels?

You know what? I wear heels almost every day. I have a really high arch, so I feel more comfortable in heels than I do in flats. I definitely have to be very focused so that I don’t fall, but I think that I feel a little bit more comfortable in heels.

Out of all of your performances on the show, which was your favorite?

I have a number of favorites. “Stars” by Grace Potter was a favorite of mine. It was a really emotional moment for me. I was also really proud of the two songs that I performed last night. They were iconic, soulful, and rock numbers, so I feel really proud of the performances that I gave last night.

Nicholas David said that you guys have become really close, through laughs, tears, and farts. Any comment on that?

Yeah! [Laughs]. It’s true. It’s very true and I think that’s why everybody kind of responded the way that they did — not just because they were kind of shocked that he said it, but just because of the truth in that statement.

Did Amanda deserve to stay in the competition? Weigh in below!

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