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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Does Cynthia Bailey Accept Phaedra Parks’s Butt Dial Apology? She Says …

Two weeks ago, we watched as Cynthia Bailey confronted Phaedra Parks about an accidental butt dial, in which Phaedra stated that she “didn’t give a f—k” whether or not Cynthia came to Ayden’s birthday party. Although Phaedra totally skirted the issue when Cynthia initially confronted her, she was armed with an apology (and flowers!) this week.

In her most recent blog, Cynthia discusses Phaedra’s apology, stating, “I thought it was big of Phaedra to finally admit to the BUTT dial! It was thoughtful of her to take the time to grab me a beautiful bouquet of flowers (about her height!) to go with her apology.”

And like us viewers, Cynthia was pleasantly surprised that the whole snafu was solved with a good ol’ apology.

“I was glad we were able to deal with the situation like women before a mole hill became a mountain!” Cynthia continues. “I felt like her apology was sincere, and I accepted it.”

As for the other major event of the episode — Kim Zolciak’s departure from The Real Housewives of Atlanta — Cynthia only had one thing to say: “Bye, Kim!” she concluded.

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