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Glee Speculation: Is Brittany Worried Fans Will Hate Her For Dating Sam?

You know how some people are just meant to be together? Well, apparently Brittany (Heather Morris) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) may date anyway. We don’t know yet what is going to happen, but some fans have been speculating hardcore about the beginning of that relationship.

According to one fan on Tumblr, who either has a secret spoiler source or a very specific imagination,

Brittany pulls away from the first kiss Sam tries to initiate. She says she likes him too much to put him in danger. He asks if it’s Santana and mentions Santana broke up with her. That’s when we get the Brittany quote (it’s not a VoiceOver). She goes on to say she’s worried all the lesbians who found out about them online and who love her (and) Santana together would hurt him. He says he isn’t scared of them, goes to kiss her again, and she pulls away and leaves. This all happens after the duet.

We already know that Brittany will address the audience in a “hilarious, fourth-wall-shattering moment” when she talks about her possible Sam hookup. So, it seems plausible to us that the above scenario really does happen on the show. And guess what, Britt, you’re right to be worried!

It’s hilarious that the show is finally addressing the Brittana fans straight up, but will we somehow get all up in Britt’s head and make her less inclined to try something out with her blond buddy? As much as we want her to be happy, Sam was never part of the plan. As for Sam “not being scared”? From what we’ve read and seen, um, maybe he should be.

What do you think. Is this going to happen? What else do you think happens next?

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12.6.2012 / 06:21 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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