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Gossip Girl Producers Tease “Explosive” Season 6, Episode 9, “The Revengers”

Based on the first promo we saw of Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 9: "The Revengers," we are sure that... um, okay, we have NO IDEA what’s going to happen. Basically, Chuck (Ed Westwick) supposedly gets on a plane despite Blair (Leighton Meester)’s protests, and then the plane disappears. But then the background message is “expect the unexpected.” Meaning... what exactly?

So, we were grateful that the producers seemed as underwhelmed by the possibility of Chuck’s death as we were, and gave us a little more to chew on. In the producers’ preview released for the episode, Blair proposes that they use Lily (Kelly Rutherford)’s info to get a confession out of Bart Bass. Chuck says he doesn’t want Lily to get hurt, to which Blair replies “but what if Lily didn’t do it.” Huh? Moving on.

According to showrunners, the episode will bring “unexpected people” together in “unexpected ways” (wow, there’s really a theme of ambiguity going on here, huh?) to help Chuck. Aw, the UES always finds a way to make the whole “togetherness” thing a little macabre, eh?

Also happening: Dan (Penn Badgley) tries to make amends with Serena (Blake Lively) and she seems to be having none of it. Another question being addressed in the episode: “Is Dan going to be able to be back in everyone’s good graces, or is Lonely Boy going to be alone forever?” Well, we vote the latter but that’s just because we’re totally over his hair. There, we said it.

Nate (Chace Crawford) is Bart’s b*tch, since he made a little hereditary financial error. The question surrounding him is, “Is he going to succumb to Bart Bass once again, or is he going to let the shackles of Bart Bass be released and help Chuck?”

“It’s really the first part of the finale,” the producers say, and “It is an explosive, explosive, shocking episode.” Wow, way to be subtle guys. Referring to this?

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