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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s Divorces: The Good, the Bad, and What We Learned

If we had to describe the doctors of Grey's Anatomy in one word, we’d go with "experienced." In almost every way (professionally, romantically, etc.), they have lived. Like, really lived. Take Derek (Patrick Dempsey) for example: How many people can say they’ve been married, cheated on, a cheater, divorced, remarried via post-it, actually remarried, chief of surgery, shot, an adoptive father, a plane-crash survivor, and then after all that, had to pull the plug on their best friend? Answer: Not many. So, like we said, they’re definitely experienced.

Example number two: Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Owen has seen a lot of trauma in his time. He has loved, he has lost, he’s succeeded, and now he’s making the ultimate sacrifice by divorcing Cristina (Sandra Oh) for the sake of the plane-crash lawsuit. And so with the Owen-Cristina divorce looming ahead (assuming they go through with it), we decided to take a trip down a not-so-upbeat-and-yet-still-light-hearted memory lane: the divorces of Grey’s Anatomy. Here’s what they taught us:

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Derek and Addison (Kate Walsh): They met in med school, where they fell in love with each other’s gorgeous hair and sexy skill. Then they became New Yorkers, where their brownstone marriage became less … sexy. And after a little adultery, a lot of Seattle, and a little more adultery, they called it quits.

What We Learned: 1) Adultery is bad for marriage. 2) If both people aren’t in it, it can’t work. And also, involving Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) only makes things hotter and more complicated.

George (T. R. Knight) and Callie (Sara Ramirez): He dislocated his shoulder running from Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and the memory of the world’s most awkward sex, and Callie was the hot new doc who fixed him up. From there, it was all “I love you’s” and “I’m not ready’s” up until George lost his father, and the duo hit Vegas.

What We Learned: 1) Never marry someone whose last name rhymes with your first name (Callie O’Malley). 2) Never marry someone right after his or her parent dies. 3) Don’t marry a man if you love women. 4) Don’t get married in Vegas. Any questions?


Ellis (Kate Burton) and Thatcher (Jeff Perry): We didn’t get to see this marriage unfold, but we got the gist: She worked all the time; she had an affair with Richard (James Pickens Jr.); she was a raging bitch; he was a bit dopey; he was a bad father; he ran away. To sum it all up: They were not a good match.

What We Learned: Some people just shouldn’t say “I do” because bad divorces (and bad parents) can really mess up a child.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Tucker (Cress Williams): We don’t know how they met or how Tucker got the Nazi down the aisle, but what we do know is that being married to a surgeon is tricky, particularly if you’re not in the same line of work. And when you throw a baby into the mix (no matter how cute), things get even more complicated and sometimes, they fall apart.

What We Learned: The career-baby balancing act is not easy. And also, it’s important to have a spouse who understands your career.

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Alex (Justin Chambers) and Izzie (Katherine Heigl): They dated until he cheated. Then they weren’t together. Then they were. And so on. But when Izzie was diagnosed with cancer and the opportunity presented itself to give her the wedding of her dreams, Alex took it. Unfortunately, her illness caused him to be a little overprotective post-wedding, which eventually, sort of, got her fired. And Izzie loved her job. So that was the end for them.

What We Learned: Spontaneous weddings, no matter how romantic, don’t guarantee marital bliss. Also, don’t get your spouse fired.

Overall, Grey’s divorces have taught us that life is messy, but divorce doesn’t mean the cutting someone out of your life forever. Derek and Addison found a way to be friends, as did George and Callie. The others, not so much.

As for Owen, we really wish he’d drop this whole divorce idea and go back to passionately making out with Cristina. But we understand why he’s doing it, so for now, we’ll sit back and not-so-patiently wait for their fiery reunion.

Catch the next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, December 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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