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If Revenge’s Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson Get Back Together, How Will Aiden Mathis React?

Revenge is a tough world of clam bakes, mixed martial arts, and forbidden love — aka the perfect combination — and from the looks of the Episode 10: “Power” promo, one of our favorite forbidden relationships is about to heat back up.

That’s right — Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne are about to fall back in perfectly-preppy love on in the Hamptons ‘hood where they first met. (We’re not counting Danny’s poetic pick up at his college bar.)

But wait, isn’t Ems shacking up with her revengey boy toy, Aiden Mathis? You may not be the biggest fan of this relationship, but these two do share a serious history and connection. Emily’s also opened herself up to him in the last few episodes. She showed the British babe her Infinity Box, which is basically third base for Ms. Thorne.

The tides might be changing for these two. though. In the winter finale, Victoria Grayson reached out to Emily about a matter involving Daniel, but when she sees Aiden, she asks Emily to call her when she’s alone. Then in the promo, we see them meet and Victoria talk about Danny’s undying love for Emily. Later in the clip, we see Daniel leaning in for a shoreside smooch with our favorite vengeance queen.

And from the brief scenes between Emily and Aiden, it looks like they are planning the Demily reunion together, so Emily’s seduction scene seems to be pre-planned! But how will Aiden “I-Can’t-Control-My-Emotions” Mathis handle seeing his lady love with another fella? Chances are, not well.

Even when Emily was screaming at him to keep it together in the 2006 flashback, Aiden shot and killed Dmitri for tarnishing his sister’s name. Sure, time has passed, but we have a feeling this new test will prove difficult for the Revenger from across the pond.

Do you think Aiden will be able to control his emotions? Weigh in below!

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