Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 8: The Oddest Proposal
Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 8: The Oddest Proposal

They kissed! Sorta! In tonight’s mid-season finale of Nashville, we see that Deacon (Charles Esten) is going on a tour that’s so not rock-and-roll, Teddy (Eric Close) and Rayna (Connie Britton) are not exactly as close as Barack and Michelle, and Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is going to have a heck of a time finding someone to be her maid of honor.

Time to Have the Talk

Rayna is celebrating the one thing she never thought she’d be celebrating: Having a good time with Juliette. In fact, here Rayna is, being congratulated by label honcho Marshall and her team for their killer duet. And speaking of “killer,” we’re just thankful that Rayna and Juliette didn’t actually kill each other.

Teddy is not one for savoring a moment. He tells Rayna that they need to call it a night, and once they get home, he drops his bomb about the pics that were taken of him hugging Peggy. Rayna is suspects that Teddy cheated, but he insists he didn’t. Good luck with that, Teddy.

So Rayna pays Coleman(Robert Wisdom) a visit, who shows her the pics. Let’s just say that these are pics that Teddy would want to untag himself from on Facebook. And then we love hearing Rayna tell Coleman to mind his own damn business. (Then again, does Rayna not know how politics works?)

Juliette is still trying to break down her straight-laced boyfriend Sean, a quarterback who makes passes on the field but not at the ladies. Sean invites Juliette to church with his fam, and it’s safe to assume that if you had to make a list of places where you might find Juliette at any moment, church would not make the top 10 or top 10 million.

However, Juliette puts on her Sunday best and actually seems to enjoy herself, meeting Sean’s adorable sister, Dana. Dana convinces Juliette to sing with their choir, and Juliette indeed sounds great performing for the congregation. We also think it was probably a wise choice that Juliette didn’t perform wearing the hot pants that she’s worn during previous performances.

Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 8: The Oddest Proposal
Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

No Beer on Tour But There Will Be Chocolate Milk

Deacon meets with the legendary band Revel Kings, who are lounging next to their pool shaped like a guitar. If you own a pool that looks like anything other than a geometric shape, you’re doing well for yourself. The boys want Deacon to join them on tour, now that they’re newly sober. (Speaking of geometric shapes, this tour is sounding a bit square.)

Hailey tells Scarlett (Clare Bowen) that she should consider auditioning to sing for a band Hailey knows, after Scarlett’s onstage success last week. Gunnar (Sam Palladio) then confronts Hailey, suspecting (correctly) that Hailey’s trying to make Scarlett scarce. Hailey tells Gunnar that she knows his heart belongs to Scarlett, so she bails. Uh, is anyone sad about this break-up? Nope — we aren’t either.

Peggy tracks down Teddy at his campaign headquarters — this woman is better at finding people than Dog the Bounty Hunter — and tells him that her husband is flying into town and wasn’t happy to hear about the pics. Meanwhile, Rayna is reassured by her sister, Tandy, that Teddy didn’t cheat, and we also learn that it was Tandy who set Rayna up with Teddy. Nice going, Tandy.

Gunnar sees Scarlett at the Bluebird and finally makes his case. He tells her he couldn’t take his eyes off her onstage, and that she should be with someone who thinks she’s amazing. He then kisses her, and she kisses back — briefly, until she puts a stop to it, saying he can’t just go around kissing people. (Note to Gunnar: Feel free to go around kissing us whenever.)

After Teddy, Rayna, and Lamar (Powers Boothe) have a powwow to discuss the fact that Coleman has officially gone public with the photos to a TMZ-esque site that’s hilariously named “DMZ” — which sounds like the mixture of a ‘90s rapper and the place to get your driver’s license. Rayna decides to then talk to Peggy herself, but she’s too late — Peggy has OD’d on pills, although she’s still alive.

Juliette meets up with Sean’s family for dinner, and things start off well, with Juliette even bringing a pair of pink cowboy boots for his sister. But things take a turn for the awkward when Sean’s mom says their family is above Juliette and her mom. If we were Juliette, we would have responded with, “Fine — but I’m returning those boots. Store credit is better than nothing.”

A Kiss to Remember Forget

Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 8: The Oddest Proposal
Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Rayna talks to Teddy again, and he comes clean about stealing from the bank and paying off the auditor. Teddy then takes Lamar’s advice and holds a press conference to say that he never cheated with Peggy, and Rayna joins him at the podium to say that she supports him — although she whispers to him that she’s only there for their daughters. So much for this being water under the bridge.

Deacon is still mulling over the offer to tour with his buddies, as he seems especially conflicted about being away from Rayna for so long. He then pops by Juliette’s place to pass along a letter from her mom, whom he’s been visiting in rehab. Juliette is furious at him and tells him to leave, but not before telling him to head out on that tour. Maybe she just wants to get rid of him?

Avery (Jonathan Jackson) visits Scarlett, bringing her a bottle of champagne that was supposed to celebrate his record deal — but he wants her to have it to celebrate her own success. She wishes him luck on his trip to Atlanta with label honcho Dominic. But then we learn that Dominic wants Avery to ditch his bandmates and find new guys. No one ever said that label honchos were cuddly.

Rayna then meets up with her un-cuddly label honcho Marshall, who informs her that her duet with Juliette is going through the roof on the charts. And because Marshall has dollar signs in his eyes at all times, he wants Rayna and Juliette to head out on the road — but this time it will truly be a co-headlining situation, with them each alternating who performs last. At least Rayna doesn’t slap him, which is a step in the right direction.

Things are extremely uncomfortable between Scarlett and Gunnar, who meet up with their publisher to learn that one of their songs has been put on hold and might be performed by an artist. We’ll bet that Scarlett and Gunnar are the least excited that anyone has been when being served champagne. (But there’s so much champagne in this episode, right?)

Finally, Sean heads over to Juliette’s place, where he sees more candles than you would see at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Juliette tells him that she’s been doing some thinking, and so she asks him if he’ll marry her. What the what? Sounds like Juliette might be about to acquire the world’s worst step-monster.

So this episode was full of surprises, as Rayna seems closer to leaving Teddy, Deacon may be hitting the road for quite some time, and Gunnar and Scarlett (briefly) made us squeal during that kiss. We loved it and are not excited about a long-ish wait for the next new episode.

In the meantime, we plan to re-watch the first part of that Garlett kiss, oh, about a thousand times. Who wants to split a bottle of champagne?

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