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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville Says Kyle Richards Is Jealous of Her Friendship with Lisa Vanderpump

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville thinks jealousy is at the root of Kyle Richards’s argument with Lisa Vanderpump over Brandi’s comments at the dinner table in Ojai.

“I believe Kyle is more upset that Lisa is defending me then she is upset about what I said,” Brandi writes in her Bravo blog. “Kyle seems jealous of the friendship between myself and Lisa and wants Lisa back as her BFF.”

Brandi also wishes that the women could have been more excited about her book deal. “Besides Lisa, Yolanda, and Kim, I see a lot of competitiveness among this group of gals. They may all have books and millions of dollars, but I don't have either and this book deal is a huge accomplishment for me,” Brandi points out.

Brandi does not agree with Taylor Armstrong that she is being hypocritical by criticizing Taylor’s book but writing one of her own.

“Taylor’s issue with me having a book is just off because the last time I checked its been four years since my split, and my ex is fully capable of defending himself if need be,” Brandi writes. “Taylor wrote a book immediately after her husband's death, and I believe the timing was in poor taste.”

Brandi says she enjoyed “letting loose” and having fun with the women during the drunken gymnastics, but she is sorry for one aspect of it. “I do regret not being a little more sensitive to Kim’s sobriety with all of our wine, shots, and shenanigans, but after the night before I think we all really needed some drama-free fun. I apologize, Kim,” she says.

And Brandi wasn’t thrilled that Kyle brought up the dinner incident yet again during the drive home. “The ride home from Ojai was going fine until Kyle brought up the STFU-gate,” Brandi says. “I wasn’t in the mood to argue and I tried my best to put it to bed before it got out of hand.
Well, it gets out of hand, but that is next week.”

It sounds like this is the one f-bomb that just won’t be defused.

Source: Bravo

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