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Should Castle Have Kissed Beckett at the Precinct in Season 5, Episode 9: “Secret Santa”?

Not even a freakin’ handshake?!

We all saw the previews and many of you called it — that Castle and Beckett wouldn’t kiss underneath the mistletoe, but the setup gave us Ho, Ho, Ho-pe.

It’s Christmas Eve and Castle’s face lights up while he explains his true meaning of the holidays to Beckett. As Kate walks Rick to the elevator, they notice the mistletoe dangling up above, and we can see the “should we, shouldn’t we?” in their starry, love-filled eyes. But in a blink, Castle hops on the elevator and rides off into the night, without so much as leaning in to steal a little peck.

For someone all about the sanctity of tradition, Castle really takes the cake with this one. Isn’t there some kind of penalty for not partaking in this classic custom? A hardworking, citizen-protecting cop hung that festive garnish for some savory entertainment, and they didn’t get any … and neither did Beckett. Poor girl has to work the night shift (that’s actually her own fault) and gets the snub? Not cool.

Maybe we can forgive them, since their pretend kiss would be pretty darn convincing. One of the only Caskett kisses-for-show was during “Knockdown,” and even that big, burly security guard “aww”-ed at their makeout session before getting TKO’d by Beckett.

A simple smooch could lead to questions, but as of now, Gates is none the wiser (seriously? Guess Castle and Beckett can control their handshaking on the job.) Plus, as Castle has put it, they’re “in a room full of detectives and none of them has a clue.” But we don’t want anyone other than the coveted inner circle taking notice. They just need another mayor that Castle can befriend so he can’t get kicked out for being a little naughty.

So, should Castle have taken Beckett’s reigns and locked lips for mistletoe’s sake? Or would it have been way too risky (read: smokin’) for Caskett to even attempt to fool the precinct? We did get a glimpse at the end of what could’ve happened and who knows if it turned out better that way. We’re just saying that traditions are traditions, and they’re not made to be broken.

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12.6.2012 / 04:52 AM EDT by Alana McMillan
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