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Top 10 Quotes From Bones Season 8, Episode 9: “Take A Hike Bug Boy”

Bones is on hiatus until January 2013, and considering that the Mayan apocalypse is upon us, we have a major case of The Sads. Luckily, the winter finale was the best episode of the season, and we've rounded up our 10 favorite quotes to get you through this dark time!

10. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) gives Booth (David Boreanaz) parenting advice: "You should call Parker."
Um, who's Parker again?

9. Hodgins (TJ Thyne) bonds with a skull: "Life was just about to get interesting for you. Especially love, romance, sex."
Ew, hodgins. You're talking to a dead body right now.

8. Brennan gets out of an awkward situation: "I'm going somewhere do something."
Nice save, girl.

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7. Angela (Michaela Conlin) defends Avalon the Psychic: "She's not in control of what she hears."
Hodgins: "Yeah, you can say that again."
Hate on Cyndi Lauper, we hate on you.

6. Cam (Tamara Taylor) realizes the human remains were a teenager: "In that case, no cursing."
Because teens are so offended by F-bombs.

5. Booth eyes Hodgins: "Take a hike bug boy."
It's your beard, Hodgins. It repels people.

4. Brennan explains her sex life with Booth: "We live together and thus share the same synergistic lack of inhibition, which allows us to have sex without being self-conscious."
So romantic!

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3. Angela hits on a skull: "Symmetrical features, so you were cute."
Again, Angela is currently flirting with human remains.

2. Brennan dismisses supernatural beings: "There is absolutely no empirical evidence that ghosts, or spirits, or the human soul exists."
Clearly, she hasn't seen The Sixth Sense.

1. Avalon chats to her ghost friend: "I'll help you make the journey."
Please don't.

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