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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers: Will Tyler Continue to Be a Hybrid Hero?

There were a lot of badasses in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 5, “The Killer.” Tyler (Michael Trevino) was certainly among them: We learned that the hybrid not only broke his sire bond, but came up with a whole plan to implement a deprogramming regime for other hybrids. In a Q&A session with reporters, executive producer Julie Plec and writer Michael Narducci told reporters if Tyler is going to put his plan into action. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) better watch his back!

Tyler turning away hybrids from Klaus, is that going to be a storyline?
Julie Plec: That is the beginning. What you just saw is the glimpse of the beginning of a story for Tyler that we are kind of excited about. After all this time it pays off, his sire bond to Klaus, the hybrid circumstance. Klaus's kind of Machiavellian control that he has over these people. And what part Tyler, who himself was able to break it, will ultimately play in this group of the last remaining hybrids in the world will kind of incite a revolution.

Michael Narducci: I also just think that the show is so much about compulsion and addiction and urges that you can't fight. Tyler is someone who beat the sire bond, and now he's free. And he looks at all these other hybrids that Klaus is using to do whatever including be cannon fodder. And a hero would say, ‘This is wrong. I should be involved and do something about that,’ and Hayley is someone who helps him act on that heroic desire.

We like hero Tyler.
Julie Plec: Hero Tyler. I just saw Episode 8, so he's still being heroic in Episode 8, spoiler alert. But Michael Trevino, on fire. Tyler stepping up and becoming a man and really taking a stand. It's good for him. I like seeing it, and he's doing a really good job at it.

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