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The X Factor

5 Reasons CeCe Frey Shouldn’t Have Been Eliminated

CeCe Frey has left the set of X Factor, and our body has broken out into leopard-print shaped hives in protest. This gal and her imaginary bald eagle (yes, that's a thing) were the best part of our lives, and we're this close to writing a letter of complaint to Khloe Kardashian. We blame her for all our problems.

In celebration of CeCe's reign on X Factor, we've rounded up 5 reasons she shouldn't have been sent home.

1. She Wanted It the Most (Except for Reed Deming)
CeCe was like the Little Engine That Could of The X Factor. She just kept chugging along no matter how many people hated on her, and it's all because of her passion. There's no doubt that this gal loves being in the spotlight, and we're pretty sure she would have pulled a Britney and shaved her head if it meant winning the $5 million.

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2. She's a Great Performer
Not many contestants have put on truly fabulous live shows complete with props, singing, and dancing — but CeCe knows what's up. She dominated the stage every time she performed, and she had true star power. Plus she wore Daisy Dukes on stage, so bow down to your new queen.

3. She's Great at Taking Criticism
Unlike some people (Reed Deming's vest), CeCe listened to what the judges had to say and put their advice to good use. If they wanted her stripped-down, she'd do a performance sans backup. If they wanted a show, she'd give them a show. Girlfriend was always willing and ready to try harder. Sob, it might be time to right a think piece that's even more thinkier than this one.

4. She's Totally Unique
CeCe is her own unique breed of superstar. She has the funky style of Ke$ha combined with the vocals and performance skills of Pink. Basically, she's the best of both worlds plus half-leopard. CeCe's competitors are all awesome, but no one holds a candle to this girl!

5. Her Style Is The Tops
Remember when this happened? So do we. And that is all.

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12.7.2012 / 10:56 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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