5 Reasons Diamond White Shouldn’t Have Been Eliminated
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The X Factor

5 Reasons Diamond White Shouldn’t Have Been Eliminated

Tears. Tears in our eyes, tears in our pizza, tears on our keyboard. Diamond White was sent home during this week's Ke$hatastic elimination episode of The X Factor, and our lives haven't been the same since. Are you shocked that Di was sent packing? Check out 5 reasons she should have stayed in the competition!

1. She Shines Bright Like a Diamond
Sorry, we had to. But really, there's something about Diamond that just makes her so lovable. Maybe its the random blue and purple stripes in her hair. Maybe it's the fact that she was voted off and made a triumphant return. Or maybe it's 'cause she's homies with Britney Spears. All we know is that girl is on fire. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, Diamond is our BFF.

2. She Always Bounces Back
Diamond has been in the bottom two more times than we can count (we can't count very high), but she's always managed to impress the judges enough to make a comeback — until now. If Diamond had gotten another chance, she would have knocked the judges socks off (or chest hair, in Simon's case) in the semi-finals. Whatever. Judging you, judges.

3. Her Voice Is Better Than Yours
Need we remind you that Diamond is thirteen? When we were thirteen, we spent our time wearing platform cork sandals and corn-rowing our hair (it was a phase, ok?). Diamond's voice is mature beyond her years, and more powerful than some of the people that remain in the competition. Not to name names....

4. She's a Renaissance (Wo)man
Diamond excels at stripped-down acoustic solos without any backup, and she also works the stage during pumped up performances complete with dancing and props. Basically, she can do it all. And to quote Adele, she could've had it all.... Sob, someone pass a pint of ice cream.

5. She Has So Much Potential!
Diamond's performances got better and better as the weeks went on, but before you curl up in the fetal position and stuff your face with comfort cheetos, don't worry. Diamond has Britney on her side, and we have no doubt that this Queen B will make sure her protege gets a recording deal. In your face, Carly Rose! Actually, not in your face. We love you!

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12.7.2012 / 11:10 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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