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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Emily Maynard Should NOT Be on Dancing With the Stars

Rumor has it Emily Maynard is locked and loaded for season 16 of Dancing With The Stars. But while it’s still for all intents and purposes a hypothetical, can we talk about this a little? See, we’re not entirely convinced it’s a great idea for Emily to trip the lights fantastic at this juncture. Here are five reasons Emily might want to cool her heels before strapping on those dancing shoes.

5. It might be destabilizing for Ricki.

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When Emily agreed to be on The Bachelorette, she specifically asked that the show pick up and move from Los Angeles to North Carolina so that she could still be with Ricki. ABC obliged, and Ricki never had to leave school or move away from her grandparents. And that seemed to work pretty well for that show, because it revolved around her.

However, we seriously doubt DWTS is going to uproot and shoot in North Carolina for one contestant. Emily would have to go to LA for months, with or without Ricki. Whether Ricki remains in Charlotte with her grandparents or heads to Tinseltown with Em, it’s definitely going to destabilize her homelife one way or the other.

4. Things are already strained with Ricki’s grandparents.

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There have been multiple reports that Ricki’s grandparents aren’t so happy with all of the celebrity Emily’s enjoying, along with the residual attention Ricki’s receiving. We kinda doubt being on DWTS will improve that situation.

3. She’s been in the spotlight too much lately.

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In wake of her very recent and public breakup with Jef Holm, Emily has been in the public eye a lot. In the past, she’s expressed interest in leading a quiet life. We’re not so sure ballroom dancing on live television is the ideal avenue to a life out of the spotlight.

2. We need her to be on The Bachelorette again!

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We know, we just said all that crap about getting out of the spotlight, but Emily’s season of The Bachelorette was the best ever. Why wouldn’t we want seconds? And we still hold onto hope that Emily can finally lock down on her forever love. Third time’s a charm!

1. She kinda can’t dance.


We’re not saying this is the worst running man we’ve seen, but it’s a little weaksauce. If you can’t master the basics, how are you supposed to fox-trot?

What do you think — would Emily be making a mistake by going on DWTS?

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