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The X Factor

Best Quotes From X Factor on December 6, 2012: “Music Is What Feelings Sound Like”

Ke$ha graced us with her presence during this week's episode of The X Factor, so by all accounts this list should just be dedicated to her lyrics (our fave: "Young hunks, taking shots, stripping down to dirty socks").

However, considering that most former contestants left the show drowning in a puddle of tears (we're so worried about you, Reed Deming), the lyrics to "Die Young" seem kinda sinister. Luckily, Khloe and Mario provided us with a slew of memorable doozies, and we've rounded up the best of the best.

10. CeCe reminisces: "In seventh grade I was the smallest kid in my class."
We were the opposite of that sentence.

9. Mario tries to form words: "You're like a little Rocky hanging in there."
We literally have no idea what this means.

8. CeCe sad faces: "Simon says I'm not worth $5 million dollars."
This is insulting for so many reasons.

7. Tate looks on the bright side: "Luckily the judges don't vote."
Pretty sure they do.

6. Britney Spears introduces her act: "Here is the girl next door who sings like an angel."
OMG, Elisha Cuthbert was on X Factor?

5. CeCe muses: "I think very few people hold this kinda love, and respect, and passion for their art."
Except Ke$ha.

4. Mario foretells everyone's doom: "For one act, the dream will be over."
And that act is Anne Hathaway. Les Miz jokes, guys!

3. Khloe visits the peasants: "It's wild in here!"
Clearly, this is Khloe's first interaction with plebes.

2. Emblem3 defines music: "Music is what feelings sound like."
So wise.

1. L.A. checks out Fifth Harmony: "I wish one of you weren't so lovable."
Stop, L.A. Just stop.

12.7.2012 / 08:05 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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