Glee Season 4: 5 Reasons Brittany and Sam Should NOT Date
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Glee Season 4: 5 Reasons Brittany and Sam Should NOT Date

Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Brittany (Heather Morris) have been getting awfully close this season on Glee. We’re here with a public service announcement from Brittana and Samcedes shippers alike: Brittany and Sam should most certainly NOT date. (If you disagree, may we direct you here?) Here’s why:

1. Santana. Duh. We’re not saying Britt should wait forever for Santana (Naya Rivera), but... actually, we kind of are. We appreciate the reasons the two are staying apart for now, but did you see Britt’s face on “Glease” when Santana showed up to save the day? Pure. Joy. The day she looks at Sam like that is the day we’ll budge. Maybe.

2. Mercedes. Double duh. Speaking of matches made in ship heaven, we’d like you to remember the glory that was Samcedes. Sam and Mercedes (Amber Riley) were amazeballs together, and you don’t just fight for someone all of Season 3 only to let a little thing like distance keep you apart. Sam kept McKinley in his heart enough to move away from his parents. He’s clearly fine with dual lives. Samcedes, guys. It’s a good thing.

3. They’re too similar. One of the best things about Samcedes and Brittana is that they balanced each other. Mercedes and Santana are both fierce go-getters who encouraged their partners to become better versions of themselves. Although Sam and Britt are both great people, they have too much in common to help one another grow.

4. Britt isn’t ready. If Britt was ready for a new relationship, she wouldn’t have been so overjoyed to see Santana when she came back for Grease. She told her she wasn’t dating anyone and clearly still loves her. That does not mean she should transfer that love to someone who is, quite frankly, inferior to her first and greatest love.

5. What’s the point? Seriously. What is the point of putting Sam and Brittany together? What could Glee or either character possibly gain from being in this relationship. We are genuinely curious.

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12.7.2012 / 07:50 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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