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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Says Her Real Housewives Castmates Are Hypocritical For Judging Brandi Glanville’s F-Bomb

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsLisa Vanderpump has no regrets about defending Brandi Glanville to Kyle Richards at dinner in Ojai, even though things got heated between herself and Kyle.

Lisa admits she didn’t know exactly what happened that made Brandi so upset at dinner, but she was comfortable with getting Brandi’s back. Lisa writes in her Bravo blog, “I had an inkling that Brandi was defending Kim.”

Lisa feels vindicated now that Kyle has admitted to a change of heart toward Brandi’s comment. “Last week in her blog, Kyle says she now understood Brandi's position... Mmm, that is what I have said before. Don't judge too quickly all will become evident in the end,” Lisa writes.

According to Lisa, some of the other women were hypocritical for judging someone who used the f-word. “Lord knows that these women should suddenly morph into Julie Andrews when it suits them,” Lisa continues. “I have witnessed many occasions when many expletives have fallen from some of their sweet mouths.”

Meanwhile, Lisa is proud of Brandi’s book deal and feels that the other women don’t know the type of hardship Brandi has faced. “I am truly happy for her, as I am all too aware of the fact that financially things have been tough and she certainly has not had the same comforts and privileges as most of the other women at the table, excluding Taylor,” Lisa says.

We continue to be impressed by how much Lisa appears to care for Brandi and vice versa.

Source: Bravo

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