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Grey's Anatomy

Major Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: Sandra Oh Teases “Exciting [SPOILER]” For Cristina and Owen

One of the most confusing moments on Grey's Anatomy Season 9 occurred at the end of Season 9, Episode 7: "I Was Made for Lovin’ You", when Owen (Kevin McKidd) told Cristina (Sandra Oh), in the home that they once shared as husband and wife, that he wanted a divorce.

We’ve gone over the reasons why we don’t think they’ll actually go through with it, but now Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh are speaking up with their own thoughts on what’s to come.

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Kevin explains Owen’s motivations to The Hollywood Reporter as follows: "It's Owen being honorable and doing the hero thing falling on his own sword to save everybody else.”

As we know, Owen suspects that the hospital is going to defend itself by placing the blame on him, because he indifferently signed waivers for the broken plane. Because of his marriage to Cristina, the entire group of survivors can be implicated by association. So in a roundabout way, he sees divorcing Cristina as the only way to make sure the survivors get what they deserve financially.

Anyway, Kevin doesn’t see a divorce in Owen and Cristina’s future. “I don’t think [they’re] done at all,” he says. “They've done a lot of damage to each other over the years but they don't want [to divorce]; they love each other."

As for Sandra, she teases the relationship’s upcoming “crescendo” around the holiday season. According to THR, “Cristina reveals how she’s coping with his divorce request and what Owen does.” Sandra says, “I like to think of it as an exciting beginning.”

Sounds like a far cry from divorce papers to us!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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