Revenge’s James Tupper Talks His New Movie Playing For Keeps, Lobbies to Make Out With Jessica Biel — Exclusive
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Revenge’s James Tupper Talks His New Movie Playing For Keeps, Lobbies to Make Out With Jessica Biel — Exclusive

We know James Tupper as Emily Thorne’s tragically-deceased father, David Clarke, who inspired her quest at the center of our favorite show, Revenge. But the versatile actor is also starring in the new romantic comedy Playing For Keeps, which hits theaters today!

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with James to talk about his new film, and what it’s like to work with A-List stars like Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’re in the new movie Playing For Keeps with Gerard Butler. Who do you play?

James Tupper: I'm Jessica Biel's fiancé and we're getting married, then Gerard Butler gets in the picture. I'm not so sure it finishes that well for me. The message of the movie is: beware of charming Scotsmen who used to play professional soccer.

That's a great Christmas message. What was it like to work with Jessica [Biel]?

She’s phenomenal. You say cry, and she cries. It’s like, “Wow, you just did that.” She's a complicated, interesting, sweet woman. I was always like, “I think our characters would kiss here, do you think? Let's see a little bit of grope?” but nothing came of it.

What a shame. I'm glad you lobbied for it.

Of course — any red-blooded American would.

Did you work with Gerard [Butler] at all?

I was in scenes with him. He's great, he's really fun, and he produced the movie, too. I think it's a pet project of his that he really wanted to get behind and have some fun with. I like the fact that he talks in his Scottish accent — that other layer of personality always comes out with the real accent, and I think that kind of happens with him. He's really fun, and he's funny. I’m like, “Hey, you want to go out for the weekend?” He goes, “Yeah. You want to come back to my hotel and watch me bang hookers?” I’m like, “What?” But he constantly has something hilarious to say. By the way, it’s not true. He didn't bang any hookers.

Was this an easy project to say yes to? Was it something you were pursuing?

I was very attracted to the director, Gabriele Muccino, who did Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. It's really real, and he doesn’t shy away from how ridiculous and violent and crazy poverty is. I just think that was a really beautiful way of telling a story that took away all the saccharin. So, in this one, I think he kind of wanted to deal with divorce and the effect it has on kids and everything. I think it's really a holiday film where I don't imagine that there will be a dry eye in the house. I was even crying when Gerry was giving the speech at the end. It's a movie about people and their feelings, a family that stumbles, and people that made mistakes. It's about being adult and realizing what they were, and how calamities ensue.

Are you interested in seeing James’s new movie, Playing for Keeps? Weigh in below!

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