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Struck By Lighting’s Roberto Aguire on Working With Rebel Wilson and Chris Colfer — Exclusive

Switzerland-raised actor Roberto Aguire makes his big screen debut in this January’s Struck By Lightning, a dark comedy that both stars and was written by Glee’s Chris Colfer’s (Kurt).

In his dual roles as both an actor and a producer on the film, Roberto got the chance to work with Chris on a daily basis. So what is it like to spend time with the infamously overachieving 22-year-old author/scriptwriter/TV and movie star? Roberto spoke exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment about working with Chris — and his hilarious co-star Rebel Wilson.

Plus, are Chris and his Glee character, Kurt, anything alike in real life? Take a look at what Roberto had to say.

Author. Screenwriter. Movie star. Chris seems like he’s always hard at work on one project or another. What’s it like to be in the same room as him?
I think the first thing that you’re kind of shocked by is how down to earth he is. You’d expect him to have his mind completely elsewhere, and you’d expect him to not really be able to pay attention to you, but when you’re in a room with him, his whole focus is on you and he’s so quick-witted.

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I mean, he’s just pulling out things left and right that have you laughing. And then he’s able to switch, and suddenly he’s coming up with these super-creative ideas. He’s just this huge conglomerate of talent and wit and humor and everything. Everything that people think he is, he’s that and more. That’s honestly what he’s like.

Is he similar to Kurt on Glee at all?
No, I don’t think he is, honestly. I think there’s parts of him that he’s been able to draw from for Kurt, and to play that character. But he’s very different, actually, in person. Just the way he is in life, he is pretty different.

You got to work with so many other cool people, too. Like Rebel Wilson?
Yeah. Oh my god. [laughs] She was someone that I don’t think any of us were ready for. She got cast the day before she started filming, and she came in and like a powerhouse. She’s one of the most amazing improvisational actresses that I’ve ever seen work. She’s pulling out these ad libbed lines that have the entire crew rolling on the floor with laughter.

We had to stop takes because people can’t stop laughing. It’s so hard to act opposite her, because she’s taking your lines and making them hilarious, and you’re like How can I even have a scene where I’m supposed to be blackmailed by this girl who has me laughing? She honestly is beyond-belief talented.

Honestly, you meet her and she just goes and goes and goes. She has this whole cool kind of gangster side where she pretends to rap, but actually she can rap, and then she can use nunchucks and she’s so hip. You’re like, Where’d you come from?

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12.7.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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