The X Factor’s Fifth Harmony: “America Kind of Threw Us Under the Bus”
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The X Factor

The X Factor’s Fifth Harmony: “America Kind of Threw Us Under the Bus”

Fifth Harmony has had their share of trials and tribulations since coming together as the X Factor’s resident girl group. Last week, the fivesome performed a song in honor of Ally Brooke ’s grandfather, who had recently passed away. This week, Ally, along with teammates Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Dinah Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui worked to bounce back from the loss and get their unity together. While the judges critiqued their lack of noticeable harmonies (were they counting on their fingers?), the girls defended their sound in a group press interview after the December 5 show.

How are you all feeling?
Ally: Great.. We feel really good. I mean, we got mixed reviews, but we are focusing on the positive and hoping for the best.

Was it hard to come back after not being here for the full week?
Ally: It wasn't too tough, I didn't have too much to catch up on and I was learning while I was back home as well. They did keep in touch, so I came back and just worked.

Was it nice having the distraction to come back to?
Ally: Yes, it was so nice coming back as I really missed my girls and this whole process, it was just nice to be back.

How hard is it for you guys with the judges fighting amongst themselves and all you want is constructive criticism?
Normani: Simon and Demi argue a lot so it's kind of hard to understand what they're saying and process it because you don't know if it is positive or negative. You really don't know which to listen to?
Lauren: You don't really know if the criticisms are directed towards you or the mentors sometimes. It is a little nerve-wracking, because you don't know if it’s the performance we did or if it's because of the mentors. There are some things we have no control over... that's what I feel like.

The harmony thing keeps coming up over and over again, are you guys getting tired of that?
Together: Yes!
Dinah Jane: We always have harmonies in there and tonight I thought we did enough harmony in our performance.
Lauren: We made sure we did harmonies in our performance, that was the main focus of the week. We definitely incorporated harmonies on both of the songs and did our best.
Ally: We totally did our best.

Did Demi share any thoughts on your performance tonight after doing one of her songs?
Lauren: She said that she loved it and that we clicked as a group. Which was like going from one extreme to the next. She also said that we did better than her. That's obviously not true, but it was nice of her to say that.

Is it daunting to sing a well-known song, to someone who sang originally?
Lauren: Extremely.
Ally: It's so scary.
Lauren: And she is one of our harshest critics too. Like every week if she feels there is something wrong she's not afraid to let us know. So it was really comforting that we sang her song to her and she said it should have been your song. Okay…

Did you feel like you got thrown under the bus having to do that?
Lauren: Well America chose the song, so America kind of threw us under the bus [laughs].
Camila: We were super happy to get that song though.
Ally: Thank you America for voting because we love singing that song, and was so happy the minute we found that we had to do it.
Lauren: We had actually been wanting to do that song.

Simon went up and talked to you before you performed, what did he say?
Camila: Yes he did, he just said relax and don't stress out.
Normani: He said make sure you nail it and show how grateful you are you got sent through.

Everyone seems to be getting a little tired, how is that manifesting itself?
Camila: For me personally it is tiring, but I don't want it to end.
Normani: Never.
Lauren: And for me I'm not even that tired, we come here every day and give energy and love what we do so we just hope it doesn't end.
Normani: It's better than sitting at home. Whenever we go back home, and there is a point where we will have to go back home, we will probably be so bored wishing we were here. I like staying busy.

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