Who Is Going Home on The X Factor December 6, 2012? The Results Are In!
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The X Factor

Who Is Going Home on The X Factor December 6, 2012? The Results Are In!

Slow your roll, guys. When we asked you who was going home on The X Factor, we expected a lot more tears and reluctant sacrifices of friends you’ve grown close to (via television) over the last couple months. Maybe a quiet, mournful tribute video of Sarah McLachlan’s seminal classic, “I Will Remember You,” with lots of candle-waving and hand-holding and poster-making... perhaps the promise to name a firstborn in their honor.

What we got was not quite so tender, but at least it was honest. An overwhelming 47% of you think CeCe Frey shouldn’t even bother packing her bags — she should just get out. But while that’s a definite possibility, it ain’t so different than last week, when nearly half of you thought the platinum blondeshell was on the outs.

Also making your hearts not quite swell with loss? For 23% of you, Diamond White is a mere memory and might as well carry the train of CeCe’s hi-low skirt as the two traipse off into the darkness (or maybe Lady Di will be raised off in a shell of her namesake, never to be seen again).

Though there may be five times more clothing to toss into the duffel, 15% of you think Fifth Harmony may be doing just that on tonight’s show, while 10% of you are already stockpiling rocky road ice cream and Kleenex for Emblem3’s exit.

Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar seem pretty safe in your eyes — only 5% of you think the country fella will be moseying on and less than 2% of your vote has CRS singing herself to sleep in her own bed tonight.

So what will happen? Tik tok goes the clock as we wait to see (that’s a Ke$ha reference, olds).

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