Who Is Ke$ha?
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The X Factor

Who Is Ke$ha?

The party don’t stop when Ke$ha is around. She wakes up feeling like P Diddy and kicks dudes to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger and sometimes the police shut her down.


Sorry, let’s start from the beginning. Ke$ha (not to be confused with Keesha, as Britney Spears says it) is a 25-year-old talking rapping singing performer who has stage presence up the wazoo, which makes talk of her talent kind of secondary. Her most famous songs are “Tik Tok” (see really brilliant above paragraph for lyrics), “Die Young,” and probably lots of others that you would know if you heard.

Besides her explicit lyrics about being young and partying hard and all that jazz, she’s most known for wearing really bright colors and really small amounts of clothing. She also likely owns the largest known collection of one-piece bathing suits. Seriously. We’ve counted.

Bio-wise, she was born in Los Angeles in 1987 to a song-writin’ mama who helped pen the 1978 single “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You,” which explains her penchant for questionably ironic long-windedness and repetition. Also fascinating, Ke$ha has no idea who her dad is and sometimes randos like to claim they are. Good story.

Source: Wikipedia

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12.7.2012 / 06:24 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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