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The X Factor

Britney Spears on Returning for Another X Factor Season — and If She’ll Perform in the Finale

We’re still having hate flashes (it’s a thing) over the December 6 X Factor episode, when our dear sweet Diamond left the nestled safety of Britney’s leather-clad bosom. But while one of the golden 13-year-olds fell, Brit’s other hopeful remains, um, hopeful. Carly Rose Sonenclar has been at the top of the rankings throughout the competition and will now have the princess of pop’s full attention as she heads into the semi-finals. Britney spoke to reporters after the live results show about her stint as a judge and mentor, and what the future holds.

Do you see yourself in Carly at all, when you were her age?
A little bit. The way she is kind of shy and then gets on stage and it’s this insane voice, when I was younger, she reminds me a lot of me.

What kind of artist do you see her developing into?
Her personality, she’s so cool, like Simon said the other night, she just has this demeanor about her that she just really gets it, she understands the business and that’s what you also need on top of being talented. She really understands the business and I think that’s her best quality.

Would you consider performing on the finale?
I don’t know. Maybe…Maybe. We’ll see.

What was your favorite song in 2012?
Anything by Adele is my favorite song. I love her.

Are you sad this is coming to an end?
Yeah, it is kind of sad. The year has gone by so fast. It’s crazy.

Would you do another one?
Who knows. I don’t know. We’ll see.

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12.8.2012 / 01:02 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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