Brittany and Sam: Top Quotes of Glee Season 4, Episode 9: “Swan Song”
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Brittany and Sam: Top Quotes of Glee Season 4, Episode 9: “Swan Song”

Brittany (Heather Morris) and Sam (Chord Overstreet). Bram. Apparently, these two are a thing now. In Glee Season 4, Episode 9: “Swan Song,” Brittany and Sam coupled up.

Now, we love Brittana, so the thought of seeing Britt happy with anyone other than Santana (Naya Rivera) kind of makes our hearts hurt. Regardless of how the fandom may feel about it, though, Britt and Sam are beginning their own love story. Here are their top quotes of the night. (And, no — those little jabs at the Brittana fandom did not go unnoticed.)

1. Floor cheerios! How romantic.
Brittany: Did you lay out the line of cereal for me?
Sam: Well, it’s Tuesday. And I know how you forget to eat breakfast on Tuesdays ‘cause the first few days of the week tend to confuse you.
Brittany: How did you know that?
Sam: You told me.

2. Possibly. But it could have been because your mouth really does look like a fish.
Sam: I think maybe the reason Santana was always picking on me was because some part of her knew the truth... about that I’m totally into you.

Brittany and Sam: Top Quotes of Glee Season 4, Episode 9: “Swan Song”
Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter    

3. Britt gets it. She always does.
Sam: You’re the only person that really understands me.
Brittany: It’s because you’re a genius. And most people don’t understand geniuses — like most people didn’t appreciate Einstein or the Spice Girls until it was too late.

4. Sam already knows he’s the king.
Brittany: And I think you know that I think you are [pause] pretty awesome. And your impressions are amazing.
Sam: [As Elvis] Well thank you, Brittany.

5. Brittany appreciates soft, pillowy lips.
Sam: [leans in to kiss Brittany]
Britt: I can’t.
Sam: Is it my lips?
Britt: No, your lips are so soft and horizontal. I just like you too much to put you in danger.

Brittany and Sam: Top Quotes of Glee Season 4, Episode 9: “Swan Song”

6. Really? Because we’re pretty sure you don’t have to be lesbian to be a Brittana fan.
Sam: Santana broke up with you.
Brittany: No, it’s not just Santana. It’s like, all the lesbians of the nation. And I don’t know how they found out about Santana and I dating, but once they did, they started sending me like Tweets and Facebook messages on Lord Tubbington’s wall.

7. #BringBackBrittana
Brittany: I think it means alot to them to see two super-hot popular girls in love. And I worry that if they find out about you and I dating, that they’ll turn on you and get really violent, and hurt your beautiful face and mouth.

8. Wait. Now Britt is the one asking Sam out?
Brittany: I pulled some strings, and I got us a reservation for the VIP booth at BreadstiX, but the only time they had available was for the same time as rehearsal. So, do you want to go?
Sam: You mean like, on a date?

9. Your move, Santana. Your move.
Brittany: The truth is, ever since Santana left, you’re the only person that makes me smile.
Sam: I am pretty nonstop hilarious.
Brittany: You make me happy, Sam. And I don’t want to waste any more time not smiling at your hilariousness.

10. Uh, Britt? The Internet is not going to be very happy about this.
Sam: What about the lesbian blogger community?
Brittany: They’re not going to like it. But the way I figure is that they know they’re my sisters. And love is love. [She and Sam kiss.]

11. Hey, at least Britt found this amusing.
Sam: [as Forrest Gump] I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.
Brittany: [laughs]

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