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True Blood

Joe Manganiello’s Thoughts During Magic Mike Press Tour: “What the F**k Am I Doing?” (UPDATE)

Update: We originally thought Joe had second thoughts about the movie being a hit, but as he pointed out to us on Twitter, he "always thought Magic Mike was going to be a success," so we've updated this article to reflect that. Thanks, Joe!

Magic Mike was an enormous (wink, wink) hit, and it sounds like things got as crazy for the actors on the press tour as they do for the characters in the film.

True Blood star Joe Manganiello tells EW that he has a lot of favorite moments from the press tour, including giving Kathie Lee Gifford a lap dance on Today. "I just walked out, and Kathie Lee and Hoda started pulling out dollars, so it’s like, All right, I guess I’m lap-dancing these two. Here we go."

He also was interviewed by Wendy Williams to promote the movie, and at one point, Joe ended up pinning Wendy "to the couch, crotch-to-face." We are so jealous of Wendy right now.

Joe recalls "body-rolling on Ann [Curry]" on Today, which took Al Roker completely by surprise and caused Al to give Joe "this 'f**k you, dude' look."

That's the peril of having an amazing body: Girls love you, guys not so much.

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Joe also says that he had some interesting conversations with his publicist during the press tour.

"There were a lot of moments where I was backstage right after whatever went down, lookin’ at my publicist, Lisa [Perkins], like, I’m a classically-trained actor. What the f**k am I doing? What are we doing? Please tell me I’m not insane and out of my mind. And Lisa would look at me and just go, 'You are insane. You are out of your mind. But it’s working,'" Joe says.

Joe continues, "I think it was after that show [with Kathie Lee] that I was in the elevator and turned to my publicist with my head in my hands like, 'Am I doing the right thing? Who else can you think of that’s ever done a press tour like this?' It was so far out of the comfort zone."

His publicist's response? "She’s like, 'No, trust me. Just keep doing it. Keep doing it.' I’m like, "All right…"

In other words, we owe Joe's publicist a very sincere thank you.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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