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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Poll! Which Flashback Era Is Your Favorite?

From Seasons 1 through 4, The Vampire Diaries has had a whopping 14 flashback episodes, to everything ranging from the 11th century to 2009.

We know which era has become our favorite (we simply can’t resist a bobbed haircut and a flapper dress!), but we’re dying to know which one you die-hard fans just can’t get enough of!

Season 1: 1864 Mystic Falls
Season 1 brings us many flashbacks to 1864, when Stefan and Damon are introduced to Katherine for the very first time. We meet the founding families, and watch as they corral vampires into a church before setting it on fire. It’s also the year the Salvatores turn to vamps themselves, which Stefan sorta kinda forced Damon into doing.

Season 2: 1490 Bulgaria
Season 2 heads yet again to the 1860s, but we’re also treated to a trip back to 1490 Bulgaria. We watch as Katerina Petrova gives birth to a daughter (excellent language skills, Dobrev!), and learn a helluva lot of history about Klaus, Elijah, the doppelganger, and the Moonstone.

Season 3: 1922 Chicago, 11th Century Europe, 1912 Mystic Falls, 2009 Mystic Falls
It’s the Roaring Twenties in Season 3 as Stefan, Klaus and Rebekah soak up the gin and jazz in The Windy City. We jump back some 1000 years to hear the bloody backstory of how the Originals came to be, while Damon learns to enjoy being a vamp in 1912. We even say hello to 2009, focusing on Elena’s idyllic life before her parents passed away.

Season 4: 1114 Italy, 1942 New Orleans
Season 4 brings us the story of Rebekah’s forbidden involvement with the hunter in 1114. We learn all about the origin of The Five and a possible cure for vampirism (!). Jumping ahead to 1942, Stefan’s shipping out to fight World War II, while Damon sire-bonds it up in The Big Easy.

Which time period has been your fave?

_____ is my fave!

I love them all!

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