Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Reveals Who Has Nolan Ross’s Heart: “It’s Always Going to Be Emily Thorne” (VIDEO)
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Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Reveals Who Has Nolan Ross’s Heart: “It’s Always Going to Be Emily Thorne” (VIDEO)

The world of Revenge is filled with love triangles, squares, quadrangles ... the list goes on. But two characters seem to have undying affection and loyalty for each other: Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross.

Actor Gabriel Mann has been a major supporter of the Nemily romance from day one, but most of his co-stars think their relationship is more like siblings. These days, Nolan’s relationship status is exceedingly complicated due to the two flames he’s juggling: Padma Lahari and Marco Romero.

But who is Nolan’s true love?

“It’s always going to be Emily Thorne, deep down,” Gabriel Mann told Clevver. “I’m not going to lie. She’s very involved in the Aiden of it all right now. I hope that works out for her, we’ll see. There’s a little bit of jealousy there between Nolan and Aiden and Emily, but Nolan’s got his hands full with Marco and Padma right now.”

So who will he pick Marco or Padma?

“[Nolan] would constitute himself as a three on the Kinsey Scale,” Gabriel continued. “It’s very simple, it’s called bisexuality.”

Actor E.J. Bonilla, who plays Nolan’s sexy ex-CFO/lover Marco Romero, recently told Wetpaint Entertainment that Marco’s presence will cause a rift in Nolan’s relationship with Padma.

We’re still on the fence about the outcome of that feud, but as for Nolan and Emily, we’re all for it. But does Gabriel think these two will ever get together?

“Oh god, I hope so,” he said with a smile.

Do you think Nolan belongs with Emily? Or do you still think of them as siblings? Weigh in below!

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