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The Voice

Cassadee Pope Talks Getting Mobbed in Her Hometown and Keeping the Key to the City in Her Purse

We obsess over Team Blake’s Cassadee Pope every week on The Voice, but last week, her hometown in Florida got the opportunity to rally around their star. It makes sense that these Floridians would be proud Cassadee’s performance of Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy” did reach No. 1 on iTunes last night.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the talented musician last night on the red carpet after the show, and she was quick to gush about her time at home — and her “top secret” storage for the key to the city.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How did you feel about tonight?

Cassadee Pope: I feel really good. I feel like I connected with the song and I got a little emotional because its winding down. I just want to do my best! I love the song itself, so it was just really fun to do it.

Was there ever another song in mind, or was it always Blake’s choice?

There were a few songs. There was a Kelly Clarkson song that I had in mind, but I had already done hers, and I did two Avril songs. I wanted to make sure that I did something new and unexpected, so it was kind of a done deal when he mentioned “Stupid Boy.”

Given that the past couple of weeks you’ve had a chance to do two songs, what kind of pressure did you feel to only have one chance to go make your mark tonight?

It was definitely frustrating because last week I was able to show two sides of what I can do, and this week I only had one chance, so it was kind of hard to think, “Well, do I want to show people my harder side or softer side?” I did “hard” two weeks in a row, so I figured it was time to bring it back down and show people more of my vulnerable side. That’s what made me decide to do that.

How do you think tomorrow’s going to pan out? Who do you think will be with you if you make it to the Top 3?

I’m trying to think positive and think, “OK, I’m going to get there,” but it’s hard. I don’t know. I saw all of their performances and I think it’s an even playing field. I think everyone did equally as incredible. Everyone’s so different. Everybody sings with such passion and conviction and it’s hard to tell. I don’t know if I’m even going to make it. We’ll see. I’m just happy that I got this far.

How was your hometown visit and what did you do that they didn’t show on camera?

The hometown thing was awesome because I got to see everyone and my friends and family and people I haven’t seen in years, but then I took a nap. They didn’t show that. It was nice; it was much needed. They didn’t show the red eye I took the night before and the 7 a.m. flight the next morning. It was just a whirlwind. It was a perfect 24 hours home. It was fast and crazy. They were around all day!

It looked like a big crowd for the show, too.

That was crazy!

Especially in the rain.

Yeah, it was raining, and then it stopped somehow, miraculously before the set, and people were drenched out there. There were like thousands of people. It was crazy. I wasn’t expecting that. And then the walk to the car after that was absolute mayhem, but it was awesome.

You got mobbed?


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And you got the key to the city!

I got the key to the city, which was crazy. I had to look it up on Google, I’m not going to lie, because I didn’t really knew what that meant. It’s an honor and they don’t just give that to everyone, so it meant a lot.

Where do you keep it?

I have it in my purse right now because the show told me to bring it tonight. They were like, “Bring the key. We might have you show it or something.” So I have it in my purse right now. It’s probably not the safest place.

Was that one of the biggest audiences you’ve played in front of?

It’s up there. My band was lucky enough to tour with Fall Out Boy, and that was arenas and stuff and that was incredible, but as a solo artist, that’s definitely the biggest crowd. And with my band we did a lot of big shows. I did a solo tour back in February and there were like 20 people at each show so that was amazing.

And Pete Wentz was in the audience. Did he say anything to you about your performance tonight?

I wasn’t able to see him yet, but he texted me right before and said, “I’m here for you and you’re amazing. Good luck.” He’s always kept in touch every week and gave me little encouragements here and there. He’s awesome.

Are you thinking at all about the finale at this point? Are you thinking songs or ideas, or are you just trying to live in the moment right now?

To be honest, I live in the moment when I’m on stage, and pretty much right after I’m done, I’m already thinking to the next step. It’s just something I do, and sometimes it comes with a fault. I’m already thinking ahead, so yeah, I’ve got some ideas.

Any teases?

No! I can’t do that … because I’m not really sure yet.

Do you think Cassadee will win? Weigh in below!

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