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Teen Mom

Chelsea and Adam Call It Quits! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 5: “Second Chances”

We feel the same way about Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind's relationship that we feel about non-bedazzled Uggs. A mixture of love and horror. Where are the sparkles?! Gone guys, gone.

Despite the most beautiful promise ring in all the MTV Lands, Adam and Chelsea just aren't working out — and when Chels finally calls her man to discuss their relationship, he breaks up with her on the spot. Apparently, Adam is still peeved that Chelsea's dad, Papa Randilicious, kicked him to the curb before Baby Aubree's birthday, but what about that whole promise ring situation, buddy? Sob!

Chelsea is completely heartbroken by Adam's behavior, so she heads over to her dad's house to hash it out. Naturally, this girl is peeved that Randy was the catalyst for her breakup, but don't expect him to say sorry. In fact, Randy points out that Adam totally freeloaded off Chelsea while they were living together. Talk about a wakeup call!

Chelsea decides to distract herself from boy problems by getting a new dog, while Adam whiles away his days getting tattooed by a mysteriously bearded hillbilly. Sadly, Chels is so bummed by the breakup she has to miss her GED tests, but fear not. This gal is hiding an enormous brain underneath all that hair … we know she can do it!

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