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Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoilers: Will Chuck Die in a Plane Crash? UPDATE

UPDATE: Okay, we're still shaking. Well, sort of. We were afraid for like ten seconds (plus a week of waiting for the episode to air) that Chuck might indeed be on board the Bass Industries plane Bart likely sabotaged. But, apparently The CW didn't feel like dragging out the alternate universe in which Chuck Bass bites it, and we can't blame them. So, here's the new sitch, guys: Plane crashed. No one we care about died. Now onward with the next part of things. Someone still might die... somehow.

You Guys! We have been FREAKING out. Seriously, does anyone have a paper bag we can breathe into?

Here’s the sitch: The second to last Gossip Girl is going to feature a PLANE CRASH!

Sit down. TV Line reported that “at least one major character is on board.” Although we don’t know who it’s going to be, we have some thoughts.

It could be Nate (Chace Crawford), who we saw boarding a plane in some pictures from the last day filming. But we also saw in a video that Nate actually seems to be getting off the plane — not on.

Which makes us think worst case scenario: Is it Chuck (Ed Westwick)? Stay with us. We don’t want that either, but here’s the thing. There were photos of him saying goodbye to Blair (Leighton Meester) and getting on a plane. But we never saw him get off the plane.

We have seen the wedding pictures, and are already buying them toasters from Macy’s. But we’ve also heard that they may have been red herrings — it could be that there’s no Chair wedding after all. Blair’s been known to have fantasy sequences, especially when it comes to pending nuptials.

We speculated that because they were filming in the same outfits a few weeks back, they may have been staggering filming. We thought it was to throw us off to thinking the worst — but maybe it was the opposite?

And hold the phone. They said at least one. Could Blair be on the flight, too?

Source: TV Line

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12.11.2012 / 08:14 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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