Kailyn Breaks Up With Jordan! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 5: “Second Chances”
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Kailyn Breaks Up With Jordan! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 5: “Second Chances”

Are you ready to spiral into a fit of heaving sobs? Kailyn and Jordan's breakup 2.0 is upon us, and we're overcome with emotions. Despite the fact that Jordan loves Kailyn and Isaac with all his heart, Kail doesn't see the relationship working out. You see, Jordan has a major case of the jellies thanks to Kailyn's past cheating, and he's smothering her like a giant leopard-print Snuggie.

The problem? Kailyn doesn't know if she's ready to give up the idea of having a boyfriend. After all, no one wants to sleep alone in a giant king-sized bed (that's what a body pillow is for, y'all).
But there's no denying that these two just aren't meant to be, and now Kailyn has to break the news to her man — awkward!

Kailyn sits Jordan down for a face-to-face and kindly explains that their 'ship is sinking faster than the Titanic. As you might expect, he sad faces all over the place, so they decide that they're on a "break" instead of "broken up." After all, that way Kailyn can get him back in the sack if she changes her mind! Unfortunately, Jordan ditches Kailyn to hang out with another girl right when they decide they might get back together. Majorly uncool, Jordan, much like your enormous beard.

Suffice it to say, these two are dunzo. Are you shocked by Jordan's behavior?

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