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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Taylor Armstrong: Why She Held a Grudge About Brandi Glanville’s Book

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong says she has a hard time moving on from Brandi Glanville’s comments about her book because Brandi is new to the group and doesn’t know quite what Taylor has been through.

“[Brandi] did not know my family, nor was she around through the previous years as the other ladies were. Therefore, I didn't think it was her place to pass judgment,” Taylor writes in her Bravo blog.

“Her announcing her book deal only brought up the memory of her comments to me and opened a wound I was hoping we could close this year,” Taylor continues. She then adds, “I want success for all the people in my life, and I wish her the same with her book.”

Taylor says it wasn’t easy to watch herself this week. “Going through the last year, I have had a myriad of emotions,” Taylor explains. “I found myself angry and easily agitated. I wasn't angry with anyone or anything in particular.

“Watching moments where I see that in myself makes me sad and regretful,” she says.

However, she had a great time during “drunk-nastics,” as she calls it, and she even saw a different side to Yolanda Foster this weekend that she likes.

“Watching us racing across the golf course in golf carts brought a smile to my face,” Taylor says. “This was the first day I saw a glimpse of a fun side to Yolanda, and that was a pleasant surprise.”

We’re just glad we didn’t end up with a golf cart fender-bender on our hands.

Source: Bravo

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