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Revenge’s Nick Wechsler Confirms: “That Wedding Is Going to Happen” — Exclusive

Remember the good ole days when we were certain that Fauxmanda Clarke was far too beneath Jack Porter to actually be carrying his baby? Well it turns out she was beneath Jack, but in the creepy Salvador-Grobet-in-a-bathrobe kinda way. Bummer (and gross).

Now, these two are headed down the nautical aisle any day, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Literally, nothing.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Revenge actor Nick Wechsler, and he was more than happy to fill us in on what’s in store for Jack and Fauxmanda, and what their marriage will mean for his relationship with Emily Thorne.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Do you see Jack and Amanda starting to plan a wedding?

Nick Wechsler: That wedding is going to happen. It's good because as that nears, the audience goes, “That's not going to happen though, right? They're not actually going to get married?” Like they did with the kid. “The kid's not going to be his, right?” And then the kid is mine. And the reason this matters to them is because they're constantly rooting for Jack and Emily.

Do you think if Emily did make a move now that he has a baby, and they're going to get married that Jack would act on it?

That's an interesting question. I don't actually know. Some of the rules of his behavior are, I think, that you only do the wrong thing if you can justify it morally. Of course, he wants to do it. But if he did, I think he would have to break it off with Amanda. This is what I think, and they could end up contradicting this with the writing. And I think that that would make sense too, if they did. He's just so drawn to her that he can't help it. But I also wouldn't be surprised if Emily did make the move, and he turned her down because it's like, “I can't. It wouldn't be right, right now. Maybe one day, if she and I aren't together or something. But I don't want to think about that. She's the mother of my kid.”

We're very confused about the direction that Jack and Fauxmanda are going in.

Yeah. It's meant to confuse you.

Any upcoming opportunities for Jack and Emily to explore their emotions?

What I love about what you're doing is that you really want for there to be an opportunity for them. And that it bothers you.

It does bother me. What about Jack and Nolan, are we going to explore their friendship more? That's been on the back burner lately.

Definitely. I think in the case of their thing, it's not like we're seeing all of Jack's other friends. So as far as the audience knows, the only person Jack hangs out with is Nolan. But, then when Nolan has got more going on than just Emily and Jack, it's hard to find time to get him down to the Stowaway. We're just going to have to trust the audience still knows that we’re friends, so that when he does pop into the Stowaway, they care. Yeah, we miss it too. We haven't worked with each other in a while.

Do you miss the days when the show revolved around the core group?

It doesn't affect the work for me. I have more scenes with Amanda now than anyone. That might have been true the first season anyway. I had some with Emily, and I had some with Nolan and some with my brother. But the only two people I work with now are Amanda and Declan. It doesn't affect me as an actor. If I miss the simplicity of first season, it's more just because I got to work with my buddies more.

I assume the hypothetical wedding would be a great opportunity to bring everyone together. Are those group scenes fun?

Yeah. Like us all around the table in season one. That was fun. I mean it was a nightmare because it was windy and it was on the beach at night. But we had fun because we all love each other.

Do you think Jack and Fauxmanda will go through with their wedding? Weigh in below!

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