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Jersey Shore

Snooki and Deena Nicole Anoint a New Meatball! It’s … Ronnie? (VIDEO)

Being a meatball is hard work. As Deena Nicole and Snooki have proven over the years, it involves lots of day-drinking, night-drinking, pretty much around-the-clock drinking, plus you have to be around 5’0 to qualify.

So, basically, Ronnie!

As Snooki and Deena discussed on a recent Jersey Shore After Hours show, Ron Ron would actually be the best meatball... except he’s a guy. Even Sammi agrees.

“We have like, a gene that nobody has,” Snooki explains. “We’re aliens.” But Deena made sure to point out that she had less meatball problems on Jersey Shore Season 6. “I didn’t show my kooka this year, so I thought that was pretty classy.”

Watch the whole cast discuss the merits of meatball madness below!

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