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Was Revenge’s Daniel Grayson Appointed as CEO of Grayson Global?

On Revenge, there has been quite a power struggle in the Grayson family. No, not Victoria having her husband beat her up in her log cabin — we’re talking about Daniel and Conrad.

The father and son have a complicated relationship, and things took a turn for the worse during the Grayson Global CEO battle. Both of them wanted the role for different reasons, but ultimately Danny Boy was able to turn Victoria and Conrad’s blackmail — aka whoring out Ashley Davenport to board member Salvador Grobet — into an arrangement of his own, basically turning Salvador into his puppet.

And what were the first strings he pulled? Forcing Salvador and all of his board member pals to vote for Daniel as CEO. As much as Conrad and Victoria pleaded for him to step down, he wouldn’t listen, and now The Initiative has a target on Daniel’s back.

We have to wait until Jan. 6, 2013 to find out the consequences of Daniel’s new position at Grayson Global, but we bet it won’t be pretty.

Are you surprised that Daniel is Grayson Global’s CEO? Sound off below!

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