Will Victoria Grayson’s Mother, Marion Harper, Return to Revenge?
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Will Victoria Grayson’s Mother, Marion Harper, Return to Revenge?

2006 was a traumatizing year for all us, Revengers (still not over Britney and K-Fed's breakup, let's be real), but Victoria Grayson had it especially rough. Probably because a) she was forced to eat carbs on Thanksgiving, and b) her deranged mother showed up for the holidays.

Marion Harper might be a murderess/gold-digger who whored her daughter out to a creepy middle-aged pervert, but there's no denying that she's a fabulous character, and we'd love to see her come back to the Hamptons for round two!

We're keeping our Loubies crossed that Marion will show up when Revenge returns from hiatus, so check out 3 ways she could return to The Hamptons with her very own revengenda!

1. She Could Team Up With Emily to Bring Down Victoria
Marion hates Victoria even more than we hate collars that aren't popped. Vicki straight-up ruined Marion's life back in 2006, and we can only assume that girlfriend has been plotting her revenge ever since. If Marion catches wind of the fact that Victoria has enemies in The Hamptons (namely, Emily Thorne) she could easily form an alliance. After all, Marion is a formidable foe –– plus she knows all of Victoria's secrets!

3. She Could Partner Up With Daniel
Daniel might be completely and utterly evil (what happened to you, friend?), but there's no denying that he's a family man. In fact, last time Marion showed up in the Hamptons, Daniel dropped $600 taking her out to dinner. This granny and grandson duo have one thing in common: their desire to bring Victoria down to Chinatown, so it just makes sense for them to team up!

4. She Could Have An Affair With Salvador Grobet
Marion loves worming her way into the bedrooms of powerful men, and Salvador Grobet is a major power player on Grayson Global's board. Plus he's completely lecherous and loves himself an affair! If Marion manages to hook Sal, she could influence his decisions when it comes to the company, thus bringing Grayson Global down from the inside....

Do you think Marion will be back for more Revenge? Hit the comments!

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12.11.2012 / 09:28 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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