X Factor’s Emblem3 on Simon Cowell’s Secrets to Winning and What They’re Singing Next — Exclusive
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The X Factor

X Factor’s Emblem3 on Simon Cowell’s Secrets to Winning and What They’re Singing Next — Exclusive

With the end of The X Factor Season 2 just days away, we’re having a hard time dealing with the concept that Emblem3 won’t always be in our living rooms twice a week. So, when Wetpaint Entertainment had the chance to catch up with them exclusively on December 10, we were “super stoked,” as Keaton, Wes, and Drew would say. The boys leaked some info about their song choices for the week and how they visualize winning the competition.

What did you think of last week’s double elimination?
Keaton: Honestly I kind of saw it coming — the show is kind of getting predictable. I think the rankings really show that, just for me, honestly.

You guys have been moving up the ranks every week, what is your strategy going to be going into the last two shows? Are you nervous?
Drew: Our strategy is just to be badass!
Keaton: I’m actually really relaxed this week, there’s only one week left of the competition after this week. I don’t know... I’m chill.

Are you happy with your song choices this week?
Keaton: Oh yeah!
Drew: We love our song choices!

What can you tell me about them?
Keaton: They’re amazing! We got to choose one of the songs and then Simon chose the other one. So, the song we chose is super rad and the song he chose is super rad, so we’re super stoked.

Are either of them well-known classics?
Drew: They’re both very, very, very well-known and respectable.
Keaton: Everyone knows them.

Who is your biggest competition?
Drew: The thing is we all have different styles so it’s like you can’t really compare us at all. Obviously Carly Rose is a better vocalist than we are. We’re not really about singing, we’re about the character and the emotion in the music. If you have a lot of emotion in the music, then that’s going to camouflage vocal mistakes or vocal imperfections that you make.
Wes: Honestly, we’re about the performance as a whole not just the vocals.

Would you guys consider doing something original?
Keaton: Yeah, of course! We’ve been dying to do something original.
Drew: The ultimate thing for me would be to play an original for our last performance. Just come out with “Sunset Boulevard” and just kill it.
Keaton: Kill it!
Wes: Honestly that’s what I would want to do, too. Yeah if we won, our winning song…an original!

Have you spoken to Simon about it?
Keaton: He loves our original but he thinks it’s too risky for the competition.
Drew: I don’t know if it’s our winning song because they could go dude those guys just played their own song that they wrote, they played the instruments, they produced, I’m just saying that shows a lot more talent than just singing and performing. Like they actually deserve it, that’s what I feel like.

Did Simon give you guys any last words of advice?
Drew: WIN!
Keaton: Yeah, he said “from now on you guys are in it to win it and when people ask just tell them you trust your mentor.”

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12.11.2012 / 06:37 AM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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