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5 Reasons Dark Chocolate Could Be the Perfect Guilt-Free Holiday Gift!

Sweets make a great gift anytime of year, but during the holidays when we’re already indulging on treats galore, it’s easy to dismiss the gift of chocolate as too much of a good thing. But did you know that dark chocolate — the stuff containing at least 65% cacao or higher — has amazing health benefits? According to Everyday Health, a small daily dose of the dark stuff gives your body what it needs to live longer, prevent disease, and de-stress. Ahhh, no wonder it tastes so good.

So here are 5 reasons to give this tasty (and affordable!) treat that’s actually a delicious boost of health!

1. The Better to See You With
The flavonols in dark chocolate have been shown to do the same trick as carrots: improve blood flow to the brain and retina.

2. Take the Pressure Off
Australian and German researchers showed small, but noticeable blood pressure effects on subjects that ate dark chocolate regularly.

3. Boost Good Cholesterol
The cocoa butter in dark chocolate contains a monounsaturated fat which can raise your HDL (good cholesterol), just like the healthy fats in olive oil. Um, hello delicious superfood!

4. Get Happy!
The fatty acids and flavonoids in dark chocolate are shown to relieve stress and promote feelings of happiness. Even better, the taste of chocolate alone has been shown to improve one’s mood. No wonder we crave it!

5. Live Longer
a study at Harvard found that just one or two weekly servings of dark chocolate can help you live longer — one year to be exact. That’s an entire extra year for eating chocolate? We’re in!

Source: Everyday Health

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12.12.2012 / 07:11 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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