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Amanda Seyfried Admits She’s “Pretty Drunk” During David Letterman Appearance

Those Les Mis girls sure know how to party.

Amanda Seyfried was just on David Letterman’s show to promote Les Miserables, and she said they had to live like monks while filming, to protect their voices. "You don't drink alcohol because it dehydrates you,” she said. “You drown yourself in water. You always have to pee."

So no alcohol. Dave asked if she had been drinking that night. "Yeah, I'm pretty drunk," Amanda said, in her deadpan way. How many drinks had she had? "To be honest with you, Dave, I've had about three." What kind of drinks? Amanda said she's a fan of whiskey, and Russell Crowe recently gave her some Midleton for her birthday. (Hugh Jackman gave her a lap dance. He wins.)

Dave asked if she was all right, and Amanda said yes, adding, "I have to go on record saying I have never done a live television show after noon without some kind of liquid courage. ... I understand that I have a problem, maybe, but you know what, it really gets me through."

She has major stage fright and has never done a Broadway play or anything, so she’s not that used to live performances. So Dave gave her even more to drink, then toasted with her. She’s a saucy girl! But can you really blame her for wanting some liquid courage?

Source: Late Show

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12.12.2012 / 11:07 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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