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Christina Milian’s Reaction to the Hobbit Comments: “Oh My Gosh, Go to Carson Already! Go to Carson!” — Exclusive

A few weeks ago, The Voice’s social media correspondent, Christina Milian shared an awkward, innuendo-filled moment with Team Blake’s Terry McDermott. She asked the Scottish rocker if he was a Hobbit, and he responded that he was from the Shire and did, in fact, have some Hobbit in him.

Terry then turned the question on Christina, asking if she had some Hobbit in her.

“Not yet,” she replied. Though the answer was seemingly innocent at the time, the sexual connotations were enough to send the Sprint Skybox queen into a blushing tizzy.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Christina on the red carpet after last night’s live semi-finals, she talked about the repercussions of the incident — even two weeks after the fact.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You said a few weeks ago that you might perform at the finale. Is that going to happen?

Christina Milian: No, that’s not happening now. I thought it was because the song I’m doing with these guys called the Stafford Brothers is supposed to come out within the next week, but it’s not enough time to really set it up. I guess it’s next season now. Time flies.

Have you lived down the Hobbit comment yet?

No, I haven’t! It’s so funny. I actually love that it happened. I had to watch it back the other day, and I was cracking up. I haven’t lived it down. If you look at my Twitter mentions, it at least gets mentioned once a day, maybe twice more than that, actually. Somebody always brings it up. I actually think that it was cool because a lot of the people that watch me sometimes don’t get to really connect with me; it’s more the questions and everything that’s being asked. I think with that, it was one of those things that just happened on live TV. I was just like, “Hey!”

Did you realize in the moment?

Oh no. I totally did! I was like, “Oh my gosh, go to Carson already! Go to Carson!” Ahh, it’s still on!

And then Carson backed you up.

Carson did, but it felt like a long 10 seconds.

Do you vote each week?

I vote! I definitely vote. I would definitely buy all four of the songs, which counts as a vote, and I’d probably give them each the same amount of clicks for voting. I actually mean it this time.

Have you been buying songs?

I bought one of Sylvia’s. I’ll be buying all four songs tonight. Cassadee put me on to a new song that I’ve never heard before tonight, and I also love “Wind Beneath My Wings.” I’ll definitely be buying that. That was a cult classic when I was a kid.

What are your thoughts on the Top 4? Who are you rooting for?

They are perfection. Honestly, they are all perfectly who they are. I’m so evenly in love with all of them; I really do think they are all awesome. When it comes to this season, and how we’ve stepped our game up talent wise, they are all so different. They are so perfect when it comes to what America wants to hear and wants to see. I don’t know who is going to get in the Top 3. All of them hit me over the head tonight.

What do you think of Christina and Terry’s Hobbit banter? Hilarious or inappropriate? Weigh in below!

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12.12.2012 / 03:14 AM EDT by Nicole Pajer
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