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Is David Clarke Dead? Revenge’s James Tupper Reveals Details — Exclusive

It’s been a while since David Clarke and his flashbacky goodness appeared on Revenge, but actor James Tupper is more involved than ever.

Emily Thorne’s quest this season has focused on her mother, Kara Wallace Clarke, so David’s clocked less screen time, but he’s about to return. Could he finally be appearing in the present day?

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with James, and he was happy to address the age-old question that’s been plaguing our thoughts since the pilot episode: Is David Clarke alive?

Wetpaint Entertainment: Do you watch Revenge when you're not on it?

James Tupper: Why would I watch when I'm not on? I'm joking. Yeah, of course I watch when I'm not on. I love watching it. It's a fun show.

Does your family get into it too?

My wife would put her hands over [my son’s] ears when it has inappropriate, which was hilarious, but they are totally addicted. And then he went to school — he was in fifth grade or sixth grade — and he's telling his friends about it. And all his friends are like, “Yeah. I watch it. And my mom loves it.” So it was like a little cabal that happened that I had no control over.

This season you had your wife committed. That was sweet.

As you do on a Friday — off you go to the mental home! I think she deserved it, you know. She was trying to hurt the kid. What would you do?

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Good call on that.

I'll tell you something really funny, and I'm not joking. Obviously, there's thousands of people who have curated their lives without Revenge, but there's hundreds who have. And in my world, I was walking down the street, and I was with my 3-and-a-half-year-old-son. And someone yells across, “You're not dead, are you?”

And what's your go-to answer for “You're not dead”?

Atlas, my son, said, “What did she mean, Daddy?” It's kind of complicated. Even adults can't follow the narrative when they watch it.

What do you think about David Clarke? Is he dead?

Do you think the answer's that simple? Here's the deal. If I say, “Yes, he's dead,” then it's definite that he's not dead. If I say, “No, he's not dead,” then, he's definitely a goner.

But they made a big deal of this prison shanking.

Did he have a twin?

Can you tease anything about what’s coming up?

No. I don't think I can actually because the last one I shot you've already seen, and I'm going to shoot another one, hopefully Monday.

What was it like to work with Jennifer Jason Leigh?

She's a legend. She's amazing. She’s terrific. She's just a really committed actress, and when you're working with her, she's in a world. And when she's done, she's like, “Hi. It's so nice to see you.” You're like, “Oh, hi!” I appreciate that because it's not easy to have that level of concentration take after take, angle after angle, view after view. You really have to stop the rest of the nonsense and focus. That's how I like to work. I think pros are like that.

What’s this vendetta that Kara Wallace Clarke was on? I feel like you've been completely brushed aside by Amanda and her revegenda.

Listen, if you know any of the executives at ABC, could you give them a call? I agree. No. You've got to love the cast. Every time I go in to work, it's such a feeling of joy and fun.

Is your wife [Anne Heche] in on what’s coming up for David Clarke? Do you tell her?

Annie? She doesn't want to get ahead. It's one of those things where she won't even run the lines with me. And then sometimes, I'm like, “I just did this scene, I want to talk about it,” and she's like, “Oh, okay,” because she likes to watch the show. She's a fan. I like to pretend it's me, but I think it's the show.

What else do you have going on right now?

Tickle Time. My wife, Anne, started this. Her idea was to create a powdered sun block for kids. Instead of putting on a lotion or spray, you put on a powder. It's translucent. So you can put it on your skin and it's a total UVA and UVB block. It's approved by the USDA and all that stuff. It has an SPF rating, and it's really great in the morning. My kids just put it on and love it.

Why is a powder better than a lotion?

Well, according to the AMA, the lotion gets ingested into your skin and they're concerned about how they affect your liver in particular. So the powder we've developed doesn’t get absorbed into the skin. It stays on top. There's a video of Anne and my 3-year-old [on the Tickle Time website]. He very hilariously demonstrates how to use it. But he’s basically the first actor even in Anne’s career to steal the scene. I'm going to ICM or CAA, or one of those big agencies [and say], “Look. Here's his audition tape. He's an actor.”

What are your thoughts on him following your footsteps?

I think it would be great. Whatever he wants to do, I'll support him. Right now, he's really into baseball. But I think you'll be interviewing him on The Return of Revenge.

Obviously, I think the intent is to keep Revenge going for seven years. But at what point does it just get too complicated? Last season it was pretty simple: David Clarke’s the victim, and she’s going to avenge his death.

They want to open up all the storylines, and maybe they overstepped. Who knows? But they're very adaptive and they're a super-talented writing crew. So hold onto your seat because there's more to come, it's going to be fun, and you'll love it. I have every confidence. I always feel like a great show starts with the writers, and the writers in this one are just fabulous.

Do you miss the David Clarke flashbacks this season? Weigh in below!

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