Nicholas David Spills About His Vulnerability, Style Changes, and His Family — Exclusive
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The Voice

Nicholas David Spills About His Vulnerability, Style Changes, and His Family — Exclusive

Team Cee Lo’s Nicholas David is by far the quirkiest contestant on The Voice Season 3 — yes, even more so than Melanie Martinez and her two-toned hair — and he definitely embraces it. Whether it’s his long beard, his ‘70s style, or his out-of-the-box, super-zen commentary, we’re always intrigued, and we’re pulling for the soulful singer to make it to the end.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up “St. Nick” on the red carpet after his semi-finals performance, he wowed us with interesting comments, talking about his new style (including a fun ‘do), his vulnerability on stage, and his family.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How did you feel about your performance tonight? It was very different than the things you’ve done in the past.

Nicholas David: Yeah, I feel like I’m here to remind people of the heart. I consider myself a heart warrior and I feel like that’s what I did tonight was share my heart, share my life, and share my spirit.

Did you feel vulnerable up there?

I did, and I could honestly care less. I’m open, you know what I mean? Just sharing ... I think people can relate to that.

And they are GQ-ing you up more and more every week. How did you feel about your look tonight?

I’m just trusting the full ride. [Laughs] I’m trusting this experience — it’s pretty wild, and yeah, it’s definitely different. Like, maybe [my hair] is still here — they curled it under way more. It’s a little different, but I’m going for it. We’re almost there.

Do you ever reject the outfits?

No, it’s pretty close to what I’ve been doing, but they add some stuff. It’s really fun and that’s one of my favorite parts. The peopl ein wardrobe are so awesome. We get together — they’re like, “We know what you like. We have your clothes,” so it’s a collaborative effort and it’s fun. I bring in the iPad and we jam out to tunes. That’s always so much fun.

How was your hometown visit? Very rushed and fast?

Very fast, but very, very cool. Very well thought out, very well-planned and we made everything work. It was so much fun to see our new place, to hear the baby’s heartbeat, to go to the mall — which has always been a part of my life; I had my golden birthday there. It was just wild to see The Happy Gnome, to see the band, to see the people, family, friends, and fans — there was just so much love.

Did you find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl?

Heck no. When it comes out, we’ll see.

Do you guys always do that?

Yep. We just checked on the heartbeat and the baby’s growth. It was so cool.

Do you have names picked out?

Yeah, but they’re kind of secret.

So you have like a boy and a girl name?

Yep, and we’ve done that before but then what I’ve found with the other two [kids] is that both names we planned didn’t fit on the person, so we kind of have to see. We’ve got ideas, but then again, when we meet them it’s a whole different ball game.

What’s the plan for tonight?

Pizza party, pool party, holding the kids, loving my family while they’re here, getting some rest, and seeing what happens tomorrow.

How will you mentally and physically prepare for next week?

I really don’t know. I will see if I get there first, but I’m just here right now, staying present in the moment.

If you’re here next week, any idea how you’ll top what you did tonight?

I have no idea. Just keep leading with my heart, singing from my heart, coming from my heart, and being in my heart.

Do you think Nicholas could win The Voice? Sound off below!

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