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Revenge Season 2: Did Grayson Global Obtain Control of Nolcorp?

You guys, Nolan Ross' popped collar is limp with sadness. Why? Because his company, Nolcorp (aka his reason for geeking out in the morning), has been taken over by Grayson Global. We know, we know –– how did this happen?!

Well, you can go ahead and blame Nolan's sexy CFO, Padma Lahari, who accidentally alerted Daniel Grayson to David Clarke's initial investment in Nolcorp. Turns out that despite David's investment being personal, it was still linked to Grayson Global thanks to an unfortunate exclusivity clause, which means they are partial owners of the company. But wait, it gets worse!

Nolan's former CFO/lover, Marco Romero, went on a crazy revenge spree, met with Daniel, and told him that a large chunk of money had mysteriously disappeared from Nolcorp's offshore bank account. Obviously, said dolla dolla bills went to Emily Thorne, and Nolan was so desperate to protect her that he let Grayson Global take a controlling interest in his company just to avoid an investigation.

Now poor Nolan has to answer to Danny Boy, and to make matters worse Marco is working for Nolcorp again. But fear not, Revengers, Nolan has a plan. This handsome nerd wants to take Nolcorp down from the inside –– Trojan Horse style. Expect his scheme to go into action when Revenge returns from hiatus on Jan. 6!

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12.12.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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