Revenge’s Nick Wechsler Weighs in on the Season 2 Deaths  — Exclusive
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Revenge’s Nick Wechsler Weighs in on the Season 2 Deaths — Exclusive

Since the highly-anticipated premiere of Revenge Season 2 opened with a dead body underwater in the wreckage of The Amanda, we’ve been dying to know who is a goner come Episode 13.

And since we’ll have to wait until the Jan. 6 return of our favorite shoreside drama to uncover the the identity of the body, Wetpaint Entertainment decided to ask someone directly involved — actor Nick Wechsler who plays Jack Porter on the show.

We caught up with the actor and he gave us some vague clues as to what lies ahead. Here’s what he had to say:

Wetpaint Entertainment: For a season and a half your storyline has been dominated by Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke, and now, neither one of them plays any part in your current arc. You're on your own path, you and these Ryan boys. How's that going on for you?

Nick Wechsler: They’re awesome to work with. I love those guys. I actually just hung out with Kenny Ryan [JR Bourne]. That's not his real life name, but I just hung out with him last night. It's great working with them. They're talented. They're fun. They're funny as hell. But it's a different thing to play with because so much of my thing has been about pining for Emily and being kind of reluctantly involved with Amanda. But things are starting to pick up. He almost lost her and the kid is his. He's giving it the old college try with her and I think it's actually kind of working. I think he's actually starting to fall back in love with her.

And now things are fine with Amanda and the baby, we’re introducing a murder mystery.

Yeah, the whole show is a murder mystery in a way. We know that someone died on a boat, on my boat.

Do you know who goes down in the boat?

Not really, actually. I genuinely still don't know. I've heard things. I have some idea, but I don't know if my ideas are accurate.

Is your inkling that it's something shocking?

It might be shocking.

Are you looking forward to the holidays?

I really am, yeah. As much as I'm deeply, deeply grateful for my job, and never want to sound like I'm not, I feel bad for Mike Kelley because the dude never gets a break. He's going to be working through his Christmas break. But I have the luxury of a break, and it’s needed. I need to recharge!

Do you think Jack will did in the boat explosion? Weigh in below!

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12.12.2012 / 01:30 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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