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Teen Mom

Should Leah Messer Have Kissed Jeremy on Their First Date?

A giant love bomb just exploded all over West Virginia, and Leah Messer is high on the fumes. During this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah let her hair down and went on her very first post-divorce date with Jeremy Calvert. And guys? It was completely adorable.

Jeremy and Leah lovingly chased each other in Go-Karts, took a series of adorable photo booth pics, and frolicked around an arcade. Their first date was a major success, and Leah even puckered up for Jeremy when he said goodnight!

Their kiss was adorable and all, but isn't Leah worried about moving too fast? We're pretty sure this gal wanted to take things super slow with Jeremy, and planting one on him after their first date is hardly moving at a snail's pace....

Do you think Leah should have waited to kiss Jeremy until they'd gotten to know each other better, or was she simply following her gut? After all, Jer is totally irresistible with his sweet smile and snazzy hoop earrings!

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