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The Voice

Trevin Hunte Talks About Touring With Christina Aguilera After The Voice

Last night on The Voice Season 3, we said goodbye to Team Cee Lo’s Trevin Hunte. And though the elimination was emotional, Trevin is actually happy about moving forward.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the shy teen with the big voice on the red carpet after the show, and he was excited to dish on all of that’s in store in the months to come.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How are you feeling post-elimination?

Trevin Hunte: I’m super excited, honestly. People wouldn’t understand that, but I’m definitely happy and excited. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. Now I get a chance to go home and be with my family again and reminisce on the times that we had in the past.

What’s your game plan for your music career? Are you going to go on tour with Christina Aguilera?

I’m open for anything that comes my way. I’m definitely trying to keep my name out there and allow people to see who Trevin is as an artist. My game plan is to go home and take a week for myself to have some Trevin time and then back at work writing I’m also songwriter; it’s something that I love doing — and then to just work on my music and work hard making feel good music. I plan on actually moving from Atlanta out to California.

But Atlanta has a pretty killer music scene ...

Yeah,it does, but I feel like while I’m here in California, I should milk it as much as possible. That’s my plan.

What are you going to miss most about being here?

I feel like I’m going to miss the people that I’ve come to know and the people that I’ve grown to love … definitely the cast members and people who were on my team. You can ask anyone. When I came into the competition, I was quiet. I didn’t speak to anyone because I was nervous about how they would perceive me and take me in. But through this whole entire process, I’ve gained so much love for the people that are in this competition and that’s definitely the biggest thing that I’m going to miss.

What were you and Nicholas David talking about up there before they called the final name?

Actually, I was chanting his name if you guys didn’t see. I feel like he’s so deserving of something like this. He’s a well-rounded person and he is a great father and a great husband. Most of all, he’s a great friend to me, and I look up to him as a brother. It’s definitely emotional to leave and not to be around him on a daily basis, and I’m rooting for him 100 percent.

He seems like he will be a good friend forever.

Definitely. Forever. That is my big brother. I love his kids, I love his wife, and I just want the best for him.

Are you and Cee Lo going to keep in touch?

Oh yeah, definitely. That was one of the first things that he talked about when he came on stage tonight. He just told me to continue to push on and to keep my head up. He told me that we’ll keep in touch and once a member of Team Cee Lo, always a member. I definitely feel happy and loyal about that.

Did Trevin deserve a spot in the finals, or was it his time to go? Weigh in below!

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