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What’s the One Thing You Should Keep Out of Your Kid’s Room?

A recent study showed that there’s one common household item that, if put in a child’s bedroom, doubles their chances of being overweight and triples their risk for heart disease and diabetes. Perhaps it’s no surprise — it’s a television.

According to NBC News, a recent study showed children ages 5 to 18 with TVs in their rooms were up to two and a half times more likely than others to have “bigger waists and more fat mass.” And that figure comes just from having a TV in a child’s bedroom — watching TV one more than five hours a day puts that same child at risk for fat around their internal organs, a precursor to deadly diseases.

Unfortunately the news gets worse, because two thirds of the children studied had TVs in their rooms, and one third watched more than five hours per day. That’s an overwhelming number. While the study didn’t prove causation — meaning that just simply having a TV in a child’s room doesn’t cause these health problems — the numbers are alarming enough that keeping a TV out of kids’ rooms, and keeping viewing hours to a minimum, certainly can’t hurt.

Source: NBC News

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12.12.2012 / 04:40 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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