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The Walking Dead

Why Are People Reading Into Beth’s Kiss to Rick in The Walking Dead Season 3 Promo?

This promo (below) for The Walking Dead Season 3's second half is not new, but for some reason there's revived speculation out there that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Beth (Emily Kinney) shared some kind of moment around the 28 second mark.

Entertainment Weekly just posted the promo today, with their headline including "A new romance teased?" As they write, "That is Beth, Hershel’s angelic blonde daughter, giving Rick Grimes a tender peck on the cheek. Now, this might just be in the midst of a group farewell, but am I crazy to see something more? Beth seems to be giving Rick a look, and Rick is giving Beth a look. Maybe I’m just crazy. Although Beth has been expressing some vague interest in Rick’s son, Carl. Those Grimes boys, they’re magnetic!"

It's possible they are right, but come on. She's 17. Rick's a grown man. Carl has the crush on Beth. Yes, Rick is going down the mental rabbit hole, but he's not creepy like Axel. Besides, isn't it much more likely that Beth is giving Rick a thank-you kiss for saving her sister, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), as well as Glenn (Steven Yeun)? Rick will return to the prison from Woodbury on Episode 9, "The Suicide King" — this photo is an AMC shot from Episode 9, so we can see part of the reunion — and it seems reasonable to think Beth would be grateful to see Maggie safe, as well as being happy that The Ricktator returned "home." He's wearing the same plaid shirt in the photo that he's wearing in the video when Beth gives him that peck.

Anyway, are you one of the fans reading into the kiss? Do you have another theory to go with it? We've pretty much gone over every other aspect of the promo, so if this is what we're left with to talk about until February 10 ... well, so be it!

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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12.12.2012 / 03:56 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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