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5 Diet Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Listen up! We declare that 2013 will be the year we don’t hate ourselves for those annoying extra pounds that we seem to pack on during the holidays. This year, we’ve rounded up the best diet tips so we can breathe easier in our skinny jeans long after the ball drops on NYE.

1. Write it down. One chip here, a cookie there, all washed down with a few glasses of bubbly. That’s not too much, right? It may sound tiresome, but tracking your intake is the only way to count calories…and every bite counts! Try the Weight Watchers app for online tracking.

2. Don’t starve ‘til party time. Slowing down your metabolism during the day by skipping meals until a party is a major diet no-no. In no time flat, you’ll be stuffing your face to keep from passing out and that’s kind of the exact opposite of dieting.

3. Think before you drink. Margaritas and cream-based cocktails, while fun and festive, contain crazy calories, so choose something a little less caloric when you imbibe at that holiday party. Try a glass of wine, a light beer, or a mixed drink with a low-cal mixer, such as gin and soda water.

4. Work off what you put in your mouth. Instead of throwing your diet plan out the window after one bad night, jump on an elliptical to burn off a binge and get right back on the diet wagon. Holiday pounds are rendered defenseless against cardio, so keep moving.

5. Keep it in perspective. We hate to say it — but if you want to maintain your pre-holiday bod, weigh in before you get in line at the holiday buffet. Consider using a scale like the Blipcare Wi-Fi Weight Scale that lets you set weight goals. When you’re reaching for that rum ball, remember how hard you’ve worked to get to your healthy weight.

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12.13.2012 / 04:49 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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